January 2, 2016

Getting Organized in The New Year

Welcome 2016!
Every January, I go through my house purging, getting rid of things I no longer need, I clean out the clutter and organize my house 
(even if the organization only last a few weeks)
I have three methods to my madness and here they are:
Pull everything out
Separate into three piles
 Clean Area & organize

The three piles that I make are:

The Donate pile is for gently used items that I no longer need/use that could be of use for someone else.

The Keep pile is for items that I need/use. These items get organized and put back where they belong once I am done.

The Trash pile is for items that are broken and can't be easily repaired or for items that can't be recycled

Next, to get even more organized, I search for or create a new planner and calendar for the new year, this helps me keep track up upcoming events, birthdays, Holidays, etc. as well as to do lists, meal planning, blogging, etc.
Here is some great calendar ideas that I found online, I'm sure you can find some great uses for some of these!

 Short Stop Designs
Megan from Short Stop Designs created these lovely Calendars for 2016, You can download them in portrait or landscape to meet your needs! 

Blooming Homestead

Marie over at Blooming Homestead created these lovely Calendars, as you can see there are three different styles to choose from so, they will match anyone's taste! These are beautiful to display as well as functional!

Clementine Creative
Carmia from Clementine Creative made these lovely Brush Lettered Calendars, each one in a different color, I think these are beautiful!

A Piece of Rainbow
Ananda over at A Piece of Rainbow created this wonderfully unique calendar, I love it simply because it is different and certainly a conversation piece! It's going to make a perfect addition to my desk!

Now get busy visiting these great blogs and download the perfect calendar for your needs and get busy organizing your life!

Happy New Year from Jones Creek Creations!

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