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Easy Pinterest Wreath

The First thing I did was gather three different fabrics in the colors that I wanted and a metal coat hanger, I bent the coat hanger into a circle (or something close to that)

Then I cut the fabric into long strips about 3 to 4" long
and tied around the coat hanger, alternating the fabrics
This is what it looked like once I was all the way around and my wreath was as full as I wanted it to be

I then had my husband to cut out the letter "J" from some scrap plywood that we had left over from a project, I made the template on the computer than traced it onto the plywood and he cut it out, If you need wood letters for this project, you can find them at Hobby Lobby  ,then I Modge-Podged scrapbook paper onto the letter and applied several coats to seal it good!
And that's it! 
It was really very easy and I got a cute little personalized wreath for our little home :)

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