Legal Stuff

My Work

None of my work featured here on Jones Creek Creations is to be altered, reproduced for resale or sold digitally or by any other means. I spend a great deal of time creating my printables and ask simply for professional respect. 
You may share my printables on social media, such as Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, etc. all I ask is that you always link back to my blog. 
(not the download link, but the post link)
If I find that there are indiviuals that are not following these rules, my {free printables} will no longer be offered for free.

Other's work 

I make every effort to respectfully link back to the original owner of artwork shared on my blog.
If you find any of your work on my blog and wish for it not to be featured on here, Please send me an email at

Thank you!
Brandy S. Jones

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