January 24, 2016

Adult Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day is lots of fun for the kids, no doubt about it, they get to have fun little parties at school with cupcakes, candies and get to share cute little Valentine's Day cards with each other! 
Well, what about us adults?, we like it too!...if your lucky, you do get surprised with chocolates or roses or a nice piece of jewelry, but even still; I thought it would be fun to make these "adult" Valentine's Day cards, drop one each day into your husband's lunch box or leave one by the coffee pot, etc. leading up to the 14th! 
I think most men secretly love things like this and if yours don't well, heck i tried!!...
Share this with your friends so, at least they will get lucky! 

To download click here

Check back soon as I will be offering some fabulous personalized print just in time for Valentine's Day for free!!!

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