January 8, 2015

Sleek Makeup Product Review

First off let me say that I am in no way getting compensated for this review, in fact I doubt the makers of Sleek makeup even know my little 'ol blog exists, but I like to give reviews of new products I have tried...well, just because I like to share my thoughts :)
View of open product. picture owned by sleekmakeup.com

I ordered this Face Contouring Kit after finding it on the internet and reading some other people's reviews about it. 
I have a medium skin tone but decided to get the light color palette and it is perfect for my skin tone, You want your contouring color to be darker that your own natural skin tone and the highlighting shade to be lighter than your own natural skin tone!

The highlighting shade has some shimmer to it which is nice, it reflects light and brightens your face, the contouring color has a matte finish which goes on great! Just remember to BLEND WELL!

If this is the first time contouring and highlighting, I recommend you practice several times when you don't have anywhere important to go, it may take a little practice to get the application and blending just right. 
There are lots of tutorials online that are helpful, even though they use different products, the over all application and outcome is the same, here is one tutorial that I thought was very helpful to me


This is another palette that Sleek Makeup offers that includes the bronzer, highlighter and blush....This might be my next purchase :) 

My overall rating of this product is {GREAT}
  • It's light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Sleek case that fits easily in purse or pocket
  • Easy ordering, ships right to your door
I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to highlight and contour their face without spending a fortune. 
For more information on this product or other products available visit Sleek Makeup to learn more.

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