January 19, 2015

::Pretty Little Planner Printables::

My last post was about some amazing free printable planners, whether you download and print your own or purchase one, you can customize it by adding fun and colorful stickers, labels, etc.
I wanted to do just that with mine, but didn't want to spend a fortune in the scrapbooking isle to embellish my planner, so naturally I designed my own labels and stickers and guess what? I decided to share them with you, free of charge!
{Yep, I am that awesome}
Simply download the one(s) you want and print them out on full sheet sticker paper, 
I use These from World Label

If you use or share my printables, please leave me a comment and link back to my blog and as always, never alter, sell  or claim as your own.
Thanks & Enjoy!
Brandy S. Jones


  1. These look wonderful! Do the glitter ones print out and look glittery as well? What would you suggest to print on?

  2. Thank You Bonnie! These do print out with the look of glitter, I print mine on a full sheet adhesive paper in matte white...you can find it here: http://www.worldlabel.com/Pages/wl-ol175.htm
    Hope this helps :)

  3. oh. em. geeeeee!!!!! I'm just starting on this scrapbook thing and I have been looking for this EXACT collection for days! It is simply perfect for the books I have started for my daughters!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. You are very welcome! I am glad that you found them and enjoy them so much. I have been very surprised as these have been one of my top PINS on Pinterest! I'm elated that everyone loves them so much! Good luck with your scrapbook, they are fun, but very addictive :)

  4. These stickers printables as well as the many other beautiful wall arts printables are absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing! I am linking your blog for these planner stickers :) you have so much to offer thank you again

    1. Thank you so much AiseleT for your kind comments, I am so glad that you like these planner stickers as well as other items that I have available. :)


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