September 10, 2014

Fall Fashion

It's getting that time of year again, time to drag out those warm cozy sweaters, leggings, coats; boots, scarves, and cozy up with some hot cocoa by a warm fire pit! 
I am so ready!

Today's blog post is about all the cute Fall fashions that are trending today and how to put them together and pull the look off

{Rain Boots & Leggings}
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An oversized sweater paired with snug fitting leggings are combined with these cute rain boots to add a pop of color and keep you looking great, even on rainy days

{Navy & White}
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This look is classic, because pairing the dark denim and navy sweater with the white shirt gives a crisp, clean look. Add the brown leather belt and boots and it is a look that you can wear year after year!

{Before it gets too cold}
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This outfit is perfect at the beginning of Fall, before it gets too cold, a cute tank top paired with a plaid scarf, denim and Fall boots. 
Just remember to keep it in Fall colors 
and patterns!

{Navy & Mustard Yellow}
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This is my favorite Fall color combination, you just can't go wrong with pairing up Navy and Mustard Yellow, You can do stripes, polkadots, chevron, you can reverse and do a yellow shirt and a navy just looks great either way!

 Now last, but certainly not least..
Don't forget the Accessories!

{ A Chunky Scarf}
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A full, chunky scarf is a must for pulling off that perfect Fall look, not only are they warm, but they add color and texture to your outfit!
There are a lot of different colors, patterns and textures out there, so play around with it until you find the perfect look for you!

{Vintage Inspired Jewelry}
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The perfect accessory to add to your Fall outfit is a piece of jewelry, a necklace, bracelet or ring that has texture, looks or is vintage and makes a great conversation piece.
Look for pieces that add pops of color mixed with different patinas of metal and mix necklaces by layering two or three of them that are different lengths around your neck together, we layer our clothes, 
so why not our jewelry?!

{Boot Socks}
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There are a lot of different styles of boot socks out there, find the perfect pair for your boots and outfits or simply make your own by cutting the sleeves off of an old sweater!

I hope this post gave you some inspiration to starting planning your Fall wardrobe, but remember the greatest accessory that you can wear is 
A Smile :)

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