June 11, 2014

Printable Dry Erase Boards

I have often framed cute scrapbooking papers and used dry erase markers on them to make great little message centers in my kitchen, I have found several ones online that people have made that I really enjoyed as well, These make great gifts as well as cute additions to your own home and they are 
re-useable without using up paper and killing trees 
[it's a win-win]
I liked the idea so much that I wanted to make a few to share with you, simply click on the one(s) you like, download and print it out, frame it in an 8x10 frame and write on it with your own dry erase markers. 
[Idea] If you are giving as a gift, wrap it up or simply tie a bow around it and be sure to add a pack of dry erase markers and a dry erase eraser and add a cute tag! 
Who wouldn't love one of these as a gift, so cute, not to mention practical!

Frame it up and write on the glass with a dry erase marker!
Leave A Note Chevron Dry Erase

 To Do Dry Erase
To Do Chevron Dry Erase

Hang By The Door Chevron Dry Erase

Message Center Dry Erase
Message Center 2 Dry Erase
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[And as always, no altering, or reproducing for resale]

Thank You and Enjoy!
Brandy Jones

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