January 6, 2014


I am totally in love with the idea of a at home coffee bar and have been looking online for inspiration, I have found several ideas that I  would like to share with you, as well as some free printables for you  to use in your home, perhaps on [your] coffee bar!

Here are some of my favorites!
Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

As you can see, there is a lot of inspiration to be found online! 
Things you need to gather to prepare to create your at home coffee bar are~

1. A nice cabinet or cart 
(an antique dresser or dry sink works great for this)
2. Coffee maker, Kuerig, etc
3. Glass containers to store sugar, coffee and flavorings
4. Coffee cups, Mugs and hangers to hang them on
5. Shelves for extra storage above.
6. Storage baskets or containers that look nice
7. A nice low wattage lamp for ambience
8. And decor such as my free printables below :)

Hot Coffee Served Daily 8x10

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee 8x10

I also have a personalized print that I created that I am selling for a limited time, 
If you would like to purchase this print 
(print only) please send me a comment, 
It is $25.00 and comes with you and your significant other's initial, last name and established date 
(seen below)

::This offer expires 2/1/14::
$25.00 Print Only
If you download my free coffee prints, please leave me a comment and tell me what you think of them! 

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