August 3, 2013

First Day of School Chalkboard Photo Props [freebie]

I always take a picture of my kiddos on their first day of school, so with school starting back, I wanted to make this cute Photo prop to celebrate the first day of school and to mark what grade level they are starting. These are free to download and print...then simply frame them and let your child hold the one that goes with what grade they are starting and start snapping pictures and making memories :)
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To download these cute First Day of school photo props, simply click the download button below and  be sure and share with your friends and pin these to pinterest, 

Comments are appreciated (only nice ones) :)

::Update:: September 16, 2013
Per requests, here is the Preschool Photo Props that everyone has been asking about, simply click on the picture to download
First Day of Pre school 8x10

Look out kindergarten, here I come 8x10

Preschool Graduate Right here 8x10

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  1. these are amazing - can't wait to use them. my daughter is only two, but the time will go by fast. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I would have found them to use THIS year but next year for sure!

  3. I love these!! Any chance you have one for preschool too?

  4. Thanks for the kind comments, If you send me your email address, I will make and send you a preschool one :)

  5. That would be wonderful! my email is mac77792 at hotmail dot com

    Thank you!


  6. I have tried sending out the link to download this to everyone who responded with an email address whether on here or privately, if I missed anyone I am sorry...I decided to update this post to include them just in case I did miss anyone.
    Enjoy! and let me know what you think :)

  7. I know this is an old post but your signs are my favorite that I use every year for my kids to start school. I had previously downloaded them all on an old computer so now I don't have them and this link doesn't seem to be working right. Is there anyway I could still get them? :)

    1. Hey Beth,
      Thank you for using my printable photo props every year, I enjoying using them with my son as well. Try this link again and see if it works and if not, let me know.


    2. Brandy, we are in the same boat as Beth above^. However, we cannot seem to get photo bucket to work for us. We are specifically looking for your second grade sign

    3. So sorry for the trouble Corey, Photobucket has recently made some changes and it is causing my original links not to work properly (headache) Please try this link and see if it works and if not, please let me know, again I am so sorry for the trouble.

  8. It does, thank you! :)


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