September 1, 2012

Monogrammed Key Chain

To make this you will need, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, Fine grit sand paper, Sponge brush, Plastic Card, a computer to print Monogram onto paper. and a hole punch.

First, measure your plastic card and make your monogram to fit on it by resizing it on your computer screen [I used Print Artist] You then print the monogram directly onto the scrapbook paper you are going to adhere to your card. Trace around your monogram by using the card as a template, then cut out and Mod Podge it to the card, make a plain one for the back.
Next, Coat the entire front with Mod Podge and allow to dry [about 15 minutes] then coat the back, allowing to dry between each coat [ I applied 3-4 coats] Sand around the edges once dry with fine grit sand paper and smooth out, you can seal the edges with Mod Podge or a thin ribbon of elmers glue. Allow to dry completely. Then punch a hole in the top left corner and place on key chain.

This is what my finished product looks like, It's simple to make and makes a great, inexpensive gift. I made one for my teenage daughter and one of her friends and they love it.
I love it when people ask me where I got my awesome key chain from and I tell them "I made it"  :)
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